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Nov 30, 2012 6:00am PST
wave of energy develop on the back side to enhance the moisture. it's going to focus a little further to the south throughout the morning before we start to see a break. we'll have more on that and let you know more coming up. >> it's been a horrible commute so far this morning. our biggest problem is a power outage on bay area bridges including the lights out as you can see right now at the bay bridge. looks like they were able to get some on approaching the pay gates at the bay bridge toll plaza. but all across the span on the upper and lower decks, it's completely dark as you can see from this live look. this is a view from our roof camera on the top of the cbs 5 headquarters at broadway and battery. so right now the big issue is the metering lights. we talked to caltrans and they are hoping to get the metering lights on a backup system so they may actually be able to turn on the metering lights. we are just not sure at this point. but again, those metering lights control the volume of traffic that gets on the upper deck during the commute so it could be an interesting drive into s
Dec 4, 2012 6:00am PST
we could see some light sprinkles there throughout the day today. not a whole lot of energy to trigger any rain just yet but that will likely change especially overnight into tonight. cloudy skies keeping the temperatures fairly mild. 52 degrees in san jose. 55 in san francisco. and 50 degrees in livermore. i think as we head throughout the day today a lot of clouds outside. temperatures fairly mild then rain developing tonight. and then spreading south overnight tonight. showers into tomorrow, as well. so let's look at the storm system. not well organized. a cold front to the north though is going to drop down on the back side of this and that should be enough to get the rain going overnight. but in the meantime a couple of sprinkles out there. the rain returning though this evening in the north bay and spreading to the south through the night. so we'll see if we can time it out. chance of light showers throughout the day today. north of the golden gate bridge . then midnight you will see the cold front slowly working throughout the rest of the bay area to tomorrow morning so
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2